Letter from a Reader

Happy New Year to you all,

For many, the commercial side of Christmas is almost over, sales begin as many seek bargains the new year brings hope in renewal of those things we wish to change about ourselves with resolutions. The resolve to be better – be it in health, wealth or social.

For the Christian calendar we enter the season known as the ‘Feast of Epiphany’ as we continue to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus Christ, God with us. This season takes us on a journey of our own searching.

Sometime later following his birth, Jesus and the family received a visit from Kings, or wise men, also known as Magi - foreigners. The wisdom of these men lay in the stars and their meanings, Astrologers. Something in their searching was different, a star that challenged them to comprehend that this star meant the birth of the promised king in Judah.

A long journey left them to assume the presence of this promised king in the palace of Herod, King of the Jews, here they sensed the news was not welcomed, Herod did not want a rival for his kingdom. They continued as directed towards Bethlehem where their search ended with awe and wonder but also through God’s leading a change of their plans for their own return.

Our good intentions with our resolutions often fall short of our expectations. However over this period of Epiphany we learn and understand that even through our own human failures God’s forgiving love reveals his Son, Jesus to all people, not just the Jews.

So why not make a resolution to come and seek for yourself. Come and join us in one of our church services throughout the Benefice, come and be welcomed into a new family, a variety of different people who are all seeking to learn and understand together more about this God who gave so much in love for us when he became human in Jesus Christ and then paid that ultimate sacrifice for us in his death that gives us new hope and new life through his resurrection.

This year why not resolve to seek the truth and be encouraged together in love.

With love and prayers for strength and endurance in whatever 2020 brings for you and your family.


(Licensed Reader)

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